Residential Landscape Lighting

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Bushwacked Landscape & Design LLC offers a wide variety of residential landscape lighting services to suit your needs and budget. Call us today at (740) 326-8162 to set up an appointment with one of our residential landscape lighting designers or a contractor ready to start your project.

Once you have the landscape of your dreams, it’s time to make sure you can actually see it. Whether your landscaping project is fully realized, or you’re still in the process of designing and installing your outdoor features and want to cast the best light possible, we have the professionals and equipment you need to light up your world.

Outside Lights for Your Landscape

The level of lighting design that you need might be different from those of your neighbors or what you’ve seen online, and we’ll be happy to take any and all your inspiration into consideration while we’re planning your residential landscape lighting. No job is too big or too small not to be considered by the expert contractors at Bushwacked Landscape & Design LLC. We know how important this kind of investment is for our clients, and we’re happy to pursue it with care and attention.

Bushwacked Landscape & Design LLC Offers Landscape Lighting Design and Installation

We offer comprehensive lighting design services for anyone who knows they want beautiful lighting design but isn’t sure exactly how to pull it off. For those especially discerning clients who know exactly the kind of lighting design they want, we can provide functional assistance for every step of the process from conception to turning all your lights on for the first time.

Whether your vision involves modernist LED details, classical warm features to bring out your classic home, whimsical twinkling lights, or a simple design for your patio lights, we’ve got the perfect match for your specific needs and desires. No matter what your level of experience with landscape lighting might be, we’re happy to see you through to the end of your lighting vision.

Call Us Today for Your Residential Landscape Lighting

Whether you need to be advised for the best lighting options for your specific property, or you need help to bring your lighting dreams to life, Bushwacked Landscape & Design LLC offers the best outdoor lighting design technicians available.

If you contact us today, we’ll be happy to address any questions or concerns you may have about your property and how it can benefit from expert lighting design. Call us today!