Brick Pavers in Wooster

Bushwacked Landscape & Design LLC offers hardscapes and brick pavers as a part of our comprehensive landscaping packages. We’re proud to be able to bring this exciting and diverse service to your Wooster home or business! Whether you need decorative paving stones, or a simple cement walkway installation, we’re ready and willing to provide you with the best services available. Call us today to speak to one of our representatives!

Book a Consultation for Landscape Pavers

We have earned our clients’ trust through our consistent services. While we offer a wide variety of brick paving services, we make it a point to have a thorough consultation with you before our services begin. Our consultation phase ensures you are receiving the service that best suits your needs. You will also be able to survey our past work in our portfolio to get a good idea of what your chosen brick will look like. Our employees are trained to be open and responsive communicators. Even after the job is underway, your input can continue to have an impact.

If you have questions about our brick paving services, you can call us at (740) 326-8162, and one of our representatives will gladly answer any of your queries.

Landscape Pavers Make Your Property More Beautiful

Paving stones can drastically change the look of your property. We offer the services of a range of designers and contractors who each have their own techniques and specializations, so that we can be sure to match you with the right landscape pavers for your job. We offer:

  • Standard and Decorative Concrete Pavers
  • Driveway Pavers
  • Patio Pavers
  • Interlocking Pavers for Hardscape Designs
  • Cement
  • … and so much more!

Whether your needs are something complex and elegant, or cost-effective and quick, we’re happy to offer our range of services to suit your budget and your needs.

Paving Stone Installation Services

Designing and installing hardscaped pavers can be a big investment and undertaking. It takes time, and care to make sure special attention goes into preventing common issues like:

  • Uneven Bases
  • Water Pooling
  • Unnecessary Long-Term Wear

If the time is right for you to invest in a landscape feature like the ones we offer, we’d be happy to hook you up with a qualified designer to assess your property needs. With one of our experts on your side, you’ll be sure you’re getting the best value for your investment!

Pavers for Residential and Commercial Properties

Bushwacked Landscape & Design LLC offers a wide variety of paving services to residential and commercial properties. Whether you are looking for a traditional brick installation, or something more modern, we can do it all. Our services begin with a thorough consultation to ensure that we are providing you with the paving service you want. We can present you our portfolio of past work so that you can have a better idea of the type of service you are getting.

With our services, you are sure to benefit from:

Improved Curb Appeal

Our services are guaranteed to aesthetically improve your home or office and extend your landscape’s life span. While we pride ourselves on our ability to liven up a house or building, we are perhaps prouder that we provide a product that is built to last. When you hire Bushwacked Landscape & Design LLC, you are getting a company that cares about your time and money. Whether you need a quick fix that is cost-effective or looking to invest long-term in something more elaborate, we offer the best quality and price of each concrete paver or hardscape design.

Increased Property Value

Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, brick paving is a good investment for your property. It will increase your property’s market value and help you sell your property at a higher price. Even if you are not looking to sell, quality brick paving services are still a good investment as they will last longer than an amateur solution.

If you have any questions about our brick paving services, you can call us at (740) 326-8162 to speak to one of our representatives, who will gladly answer any queries you may have.

What Our Pavers Cost

Pavers are an extremely diverse feature with a wide range of price points. Cement pavers cost a fraction of what a stone set of interlocking pavers might cost, for example. For this reason and more, it’s impossible to give an accurate assessment of what your project will cost without seeing the details of your job up close and personal. In some cases, more accurate cost information can be given over the phone, on a case by case basis.

Call us today at (740) 326-8162 to talk to a representative and see if we can give you any more information. We can also set you up with an appointment to talk to a designer or a contractor face-to-face about how to move forward.

Landscape Pavers You Can Trust

Bushwacked Landscape & Design LLC is mindful of its humble beginnings and knows that we would not have our present-day success without the support from the Wooster community. We know that Wooster residents promoted our company from its inception, large in part for our customer service and impeccable paving service. We pride ourselves on our rigorous hiring process that allows us to hire those that exemplify our values of respect and honesty as well as being skilled pavers.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Bushwacked Landscape & Design LLC approaches every client as if it were our first, with a need to make a good impression. We are confident that our dedication to customer service will be evident from our first conversation until the job is done. We are not satisfied until you are satisfied.

Call Bushwacked Landscape & Design LLC Today for Brick Pavers in Wooster

Whatever your needs are for hardscapes in your life, we have the designer or installation professional that’s perfect for your project. Call us today for a chance to talk more about the right fit for your home or business. Our agents are standing by to take your call and start you down the path (the paved path!) to a hardscape that suits your needs and budget. Get ready for a great hardscape in your commercial or residential property. Call today!